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Pursuing New Horizons


Strengthening and growing the Space Industry in Washington State


  • Conduct and support space-related economic development, conference and meeting activities

  • Raise the profile and tell the story of the industry and its economic impact in the state

  • Increase public perception about the industry through media and public relations activities

  • Conduct and support business-to-business activities

  • Conduct and support business retention, growth and attraction

Our Work 

Our Work


WSSC interacts with the public and key stakeholders through media, public relations, and marketing activities, in order to educate and raise the profile of the Space Industry in Washington State.

Crab Nebula


WSSC holds and promotes meetings and conferences where businesses can come together to learn, strategize and develop relationships to strengthen the industry.

Star Cluster

Driving Innovation

The community at WSSC works to drive innovation in the Washington State Space Industry.


Holds membership meetings

throughout the year to encourage networking, idea exchange, collaboration

Coalesces business interests

to help with industry strength and growth

Works with the Department of Commerce (DOC)

on space-related economic development, conference, and meeting activities

Develops and disseminates messaging about the space industry

to raise the profile of the industry throughout the state, nationally, and internationally, through branding and marketing campaigns/activities

Tells the story of the industry

through the economic impact in the state

Increases public perception about the industry

through media and public relations activities

Is increasing engagement of the supply chain

leveraging the strengths and inter-relatedness of the established commercial aerospace, defense, space and UAS supply chains

Is working to increase the talent pipeline

for the industry, including engaging with workforce training and apprenticeship programs

Conveys information by, for and about the industry

to key stakeholders

Communicates innovations in space and high tech

that can support the goals of the industry

Conducts and supports business-to-business activities

to strengthen industry relationships

Conducts and supports business retention, growth and attraction


NEWS & Events

News & Events
March 5, 2019

WSSC Meeting

Join us for a general Washington State Space Coalition Meeting

Previous WSSC Events

October 26, 2018

A Half Day of Space

WSSC, AFA, and other Space Community members attended a space luncheon in Kent, WA.

With speakers Mayor Ralph, Mike Lombardi, and more


Kent, Wash—The Aerospace Futures Alliance (AFA), the Washington State Space Coalition (WSSC), Puget Sound Regional Council, and the City of Kent put on a luncheon where attendees listened to Mayor Ralph of Kent, Mike Lombardi (Chief Historian of Boeing) a panel of local space businesses and Kelly Maloney (of AFA and WSSC).

September 10, 2018

Space Breakout at AFA's Annual Summit

Jason Thibedeau of PSRC and Jeff Feige 

Space Frontier Foundation present on Space in Washington

Making Washington State the "Space State"



Wash— Jason Thibedeau

Principal Economic Development Manager, Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC presented the Results of the 2018 Space Economic Impact Study.

Jeff Feige, of Space Frontier Foundation talked about New Space and its future in our state. 

August 7, 2018

AFA/WSSC Have Merged!

Aerospace Futures Alliance,

Washington State Space Coalition Merge

Objective: To Strengthen and Grow the Space Industry in Washington State



Wash—The Aerospace Futures Alliance (AFA) and the Washington State Space Coalition (WSSC) are excited to announce that they are merging. This marks a significant milestone for the advancement of the space sector in Washington state. The WSSC, a membership-based space organization, will retain key brand elements as it transitions under the umbrella of AFA...


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