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The Aerospace Futures Alliance was formed in 2006 to provide aerospace companies with a single voice on policy issues affecting the sector. Representing approximately 1400 aerospace companies, AFA has been instrumental individually and in partnership with other organizations--working across the aisle--and leading to impactful results including job creation, new education and training initiatives, and a robust aerospace climate.


In 2003 the Washington State Legislature passed a number of Aerospace Manufacturers Tax Incentives aimed at assuring Boeing would build the 787 in Washington state. AFA quickly realized that these incentives, while providing initial support to the aerospace industry, did not fully penetrate the sector. So beginning in 2005, AFA worked to secure these incentives for additional aerospace related organizations. The incentives were ultimately extended to those companies that are in the Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (FAR Part 145) sector, the Tooling sector, and for companies that do Research and Development or Engineering Design for commercial airplanes but do not manufacture parts.


Washington State aerospace companies in these areas currently not taking advantage of the Washington State Aerospace Manufacturers Tax Incentives can call AFA for information on how to apply for the tax incentives. AFA has been able to help a number of individual suppliers navigate a path to understanding and receiving these incentives, as well as working with the Department of Revenue and the Washingston State Legislature in passing of legislation unique to one or more companies.


AFA's success in leading these efforts are the result of understanding the industry, being in a position to speak for the industry, and being a welcome force in Olympia to be heard.

Training Centers

Washington state has one of the most robust aerospace workforce training programs in the world. Twenty-four of our 34 state community and technical colleges (CTC) currently offer aerospace-related training programs. These programs offer the job training and technical skills needed to ensure that Boeing and the larger aerospace cluster are able to utilize Washington’s workforce. Additionally, a consortium of 11 CTCs collaborated as “Air Washington” to secure a three-year $20 million US Department of Labor grant. These efforts have allowed aerospace training programs to grow from 11,288 to 13,141 students from 2009 to 2013, an increase of more than 16 percent.


  • Washington Aerospace Technology & Research (WATR) Center – 

      offers short-term certificates for aircraft-assembly, maintenance and

      inspection. As of August 2013, approximately 1,600 students had

      completed training. Recent capacity expansion for training has increased

      from 180/month to 300 students per month. WATR is also piloting

      National Career Readiness Certification (NCRC) in Washington.


  • The Inland Northwest Aerospace Training Consortium (INATC) in Spokane provides training needed by aerospace companies supplying tools and parts for aircraft. Its programs trained 140 students per year in 2011. An additional 131 students have been trained in new and existing aerospace-related programs per year in 2012 and 2013, bringing the annual total to 271.

AFA MEMBER: WATR Center. Larry Cluphf, WATR Center executive director, and Linda Lanham, former AFA executive director. 


"We have secured thousands of aerospace jobs with the commitment from The Boeing Company to build its next generation jetliner (the 777X) here, in Washington state, by the best workers in the world. This new airplane holds tremendous promise for us. Building it here means Boeing will continue to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to expand and improve its facilities and employ tens of thousands of people in our state for decades to come."

                                                                                                                                                                                                        --Governor Jay Inslee

"Not only is this about maintaining the thousands of jobs already working on the 777 program in Everett and in the supply chain spread out across the state, designing and assembling the next generation of Boeing's twin-aisle, twin-engine workhorse in Washington will mean that our engineers and machinists are on the cutting edge of the commercial aviation industry for the foreseeable future."

                                                                                                                                                           --Bob Drewel, Washington Aerospace Partnership


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