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Blue Origin_NS Landing November 2015

We will build on our wealth of existing resources to facilitate the discovery of new technologies and bring them to market, so that we are not only building the best airplanes in the world today, but the manned and unmanned air and space vehicles that may come next.


- Secure designation and funding for a center for advanced materials innovation.

- Secure re-designation of the UW's FAA Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials in Transportation Aircraft Structures.

“We witnessed a new milestone in space exploration. Remember those incredible photos of Pluto last year? We know how that spacecraft got there. Nine years ago, propulsion engineers over at Aerojet Rocketdyne in Redmond were working on the rockets for the New Horizons mission. And now we’re at the forefront with companies like Blue Origin and Space X. They’ve brought the future of space travel to our state, successfully launching — and landing — rockets over the past year. It’s exciting these companies recognize that the greatest aerospace workers in the world are found right here in the state of Washington.”

                                                                                                                                          – Governor Jay Inslee  


“Puget Sound is really emerging as a hub for space entrepreneurs and new technologies”

                                                                                                              – Rob Meyerson, President, Blue Origin

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