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AEROSPACE | In Washington State

A video series of aerospace companies and support businesses in Washington State, highlighting the economic benefit of the aerospace industry--and direct and induced job retention and growth--one company at a time.

Jalisco's Restaurant

Location: South Park, Seattle, WA


Founded: 1992


Family friendly Mexican Restaurant


Aerospace machinists have become regular customers at Jalisco’s, providing an economic resurgence to the family friendly restaurant, and other businesses in the South Park area. Several of the businesses were forced to close after the South Park Bridge was demolished due to safety concerns. Jalisco’s owner, Julia Ramos, and her husband worked 7 days a week—sometimes without pay—to make ends meet at the restaurant and keep it open. Once the new bridge opened, machinists from Machinists Inc., Boeing, and other aerospace companies in the area helped revitalize the community through their patronage. The hard work and determination of Jalisco's owners has paid off in customers who "feel like family."

Machinists, Inc.

Location: South Park, Seattle, WA


Founded: 1941


Tooling and machining


Family owned business that has diversified its customer base over the years to withstand the cycles of aerospace, which has benefitted them tremendously. Although they count Space (Blue Origin and SpaceX), General Dynamics, marine, medical, Genie, and many others sectors and companies are customers, still, they cite Boeing as their largest customer and are able to continue hiring new machinists due to the 737 rate ramp up and 777X work orders.

Bergstrom Aircraft

Location: Tri-Cities, WA

Founded: 1971

Full-service aviation center

- Maintenance

-Fuel service (corporate aircraft,

  airlines, private flights)

- Flight school

"We are very much dependent on the health and welfare of the aerospace industry."

"Aerospace is a global industry and Bergstrom Aircraft is a small piece of that. It is important to us that the health of the industry continues in the State of Washington."

             -Malin Bergstrom, President

Auburn Chevrolet

Location: Auburn, WA

Founded: 1938

Retail Sales

Fleet Sales


Have developed sales service and retention that continues to grow. 

The objective that the Chevrolet manufacturer has set has been exceeded due to Boeing employees seeking new automobiles when they receive their bonuses.


Location: Renton, WA

Custom Injection Molding, CNC Turning, CNC Milling and Machining. Global contract manufacturer providing, precision metallics and plastics.

Aero-Plastics provides family wage jobs to more than 40 families, an investment in the local economy of more than $1.75 million.

“Last year we also had more than $1 million in capital expenditures and more than $3.5 million in our vendor spend. None of that would have happened without our Boeing work statements.

We have utilized and reinvested Aerospace Tax Incentives by hiring more employees.

"We are preparing for new work statements on the 777X. Our success revolves directly and indirectly around Boeing’s success.”

                                                          - Mike Brown, President


Location: Liberty Lake, WA

Founded: 1977 in home garage doing contract manufacturing 

Now offer:

- Tooling

- Plastic injection molding

- Machining

- Assembly

"Customer diversification is extremely important...we've elected to diversify across a number of industries."

"We get a lot of calls....from different states across the get us to either expand or locate to their region."

                                                    - Mike Marzetta, President

Aqua Quip

Locations: 9 locations across Puget Sound

Seattle, Lakewood, Lynnwood, Shorline, Federal Way, Redmond, Renton, Bellevue, Covington

Founded: 1959

Swimming Pools

Hot Tubs

"Back when my mom and dad started the company in the late 50's and in the late 60's and 70's, the growth of this economy was really tied to the aerospace worker."

"Our core customer in those days was the Boeing and aerospace employee. Family wage jobs. In reality, the foundation of our business built on the aerospace workforce."

"When one looks at the number of jobs in the region that are associated with aerospace, the region's dependence on the aerospace workforce is still incredibly huge."


                                                    - Brian Quint, Owner

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