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Get exceptional value from your AFA membership and save more than it costs to join by taking advantage of most or all of our benefits and activities!
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And, because membership is company-wide, member value is exponential! All employees receive the benefits of membership, meaning the value adds up!

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AFA offers tiered membership levels depending on company size (number of employees).

General Membership starts at only $750!*

Contact AFA at for membership levels for for entities that fall outside of the aerospace industry.

*Membership levels for aerospace businesses are 1-50 employees (General Membership Small), 51-500 employees (General Membership Medium), and 500+ employees (General Membership Large). Some companies and organizations may qualify for a reduced fee. Please contact us at to inquire.

Paypal fees apply.

Contact AFA at to pay via invoice. No additional fees are charged when paying by check.


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