A single voice for Washington's aerospace industry


HB 2945 / SB 6690 Concerning aerospace business and occupation taxes and world trade organization compliance

HB 2236 / SB 6068 Concerning sales and use tax exemptions for large private airplanes 

HB 2721 / SB 6139 Extending the Joint Center for Aerospace Technology Innovation program

HB 2596 Fostering economic growth in Washington by supporting emerging businesses in the space economy 

E2SHB 1110 Reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation fuels

HB 1249 Reducing the B&O tax for certain manufacturers and extending an expiration date for current B&O tax treatment for the timber industry 


We work to strengthen the aerospace industry and grow Washington state's economy. 


AFA organizes aerospace, commercial space, and related sectors to achieve industry supportive policy in the state and nation.    


Our efforts ensure that Washington companies have the talent, infrastructure, tax policies, and regulatory framework they need to grow jobs locally and compete globally. 


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