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A Half Day of Space

WSSC, AFA, and other space community members attended a space luncheon in Kent, WA

With speakers Mayor Ralph, Mike Lombardi, and more


Kent, Wash—The Aerospace Futures Alliance (AFA), the Washington State Space Coalition (WSSC), Puget Sound Regional Council, and the City of Kent put on a luncheon where attendees listened to Mayor Ralph of Kent, Mike Lombardi (Chief Historian of Boeing), a panel of local space businesses and Kelly Maloney (of AFA and WSSC).

The panel included Moderator Alex Pietsch (Washington State University), Shelley Cook (Carlisle Interconnect Technologies), Travis Moore (Jemco Components and Fabrication, Inc.), Kristina Hayek (Hexcel Corporation), and Derek Fallen (Pacific Metallurgical).


This luncheon covered Kent Valley's place in space history, and discussed its future in space.


Washington State has been a "space state" in the past, with the historic Boing Space Center and building of Lunar Orbitors, Lunar Rovers, and more. Suppliers like the ones on our panel are making sure it stays a space state well into the future.


Mayor Dana Ralph - City of Kent 

Welcoming attendees


Mike Lombardi, Boeing Historian

Overviewing the history of the Kent Valley's involvement in space

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