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Snohomish County

Aerospace Resiliency Plan

In partnership with the Snohomish County Economic & Workforce Recovery Task Force, Aerospace Futures Alliance has launched the Snohomish County Aerospace Resiliency Plan. Funds are available to develop actionable recovery and resilience solutions for aerospace companies in Snohomish County. 

Business Meeting

Aerospace Business

Solutions Plan

AFA offers a FREE dedicated consultant to identify your company's core capabilities, strategic needs, and target markets for diversification. Consultants will engage in business-to-business matchmaking to drive new revenue and opportunities for product development and cross-industry collaboration. There is NO COST to the applicant for plan development and matchmaking services.

Recovery & Resilience


AFA will consider other strategies that promote the resilience of Snohomish County's aerospace industry.


Potential strategies may include services for financial planning, operations and management consulting, lease negotiations, asset liquidation, ERP implementation, software integration, new product and market opportunities, or training and education of employees. 

There is NO COST to the applicant for these strategies. 

Engineering Class
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