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Aerospace Futures Alliance, Washington State Space Coalition Merge

Objective: To Strengthen and Grow the Space Industry in Washington State

August 17, 2018, Wash-The Aerospace Futures Alliance (AFA) and the Washington State

Space Coalition (WSSC) are excited to announce they are merging. This marks a significant milestone for the advancement of the space sector in Washington state. The WSSC, a membership-based space organization, will retain key brand elements as it transitions under the umbrella of AFA.

The WSSC was launched in 2014 by the Washington State Department of Commerce (DOC) as a coalition of industry businesses seeking to support, strengthen and grow the space industry in the State of Washington. WSSC member businesses include large and small organizations such as Aerojet Rocketdyne, Blue Origin, Boeing, Crane Aerospace, Esterline, Hobart Machined Products, Janicki Industries, SeaCast, Spaceflight Industries, SpaceX, Systima Technologies, Tethers Unlimited, TLG Aerospace and Vulcan, among others.

In keeping with its original intent, the DOC is transitioning the coalition to an industry association (AFA) for the advancement of the goals of the WSSC and the state's space industry.

 "The merger between AFA and WSSC is an exciting development for our state's emerging commercial space sector. Washington is the undisputed leader in aerospace, thanks to our rich heritage of technology innovation and workforce expertise. Dynamic industry collaborations such as this accelerate economic development and strengthen communities around the state by fostering private investment and job growth for years to come," said Brian Bonlender, director, Washington State Department of Commerce. 

 "Space Exploration and the broader WSSC member organizations are driving a transformative approach to technology, affordability and overall access.  AFA's leadership, mission and engagement activities will provide a strong, industry wide foundation in support of the WSSC. As the mission and business plan of space exploration, access to low-earth orbit, and enabling technologies continues to evolve, AFA will provide a network of connections to support these companies going forward." said Tim Kirk, chair of AFA's Board of Directors and Vice President of Sales at Toray Composite Materials America. 

AFA will conduct space-related economic development, conference and meeting activities, raise the profile and tell the story of the industry and its economic impact in the state, and increase public perception about the industry through media and public relations activities.

"Continuing to develop and refine a strong foundation for the space industry in the State of Washington is critical in ensuring long term success. Systima fully supports the mission of strengthening the space and aerospace industries in our state and maintaining our recognition as a leader in space innovation and excellence around the world," said Tom Prenzlow, president, Systima Technologies, Inc.

"The resurgence of the space sector in Washington State over the last decade has made our region one of the hottest new power players in the field. AFA aims to continue this growth and ensure that our space companies, investors, and educational institutions are highlighted on the national and global stage," said Kelly Maloney, president and CEO, AFA.

Aerospace Futures Alliance (AFA)

The Aerospace Futures Alliance is a coalition of industry businesses seeking to support, strengthen and grow the aerospace industry, inclusive of all sectors (commercial aviation, space, UAS, etc.), in the State of Washington. Founded in 2006, AFA is a 501(c)6 that has been successful in helping the aerospace industry thrive through its efforts in advocacy and policy development, workforce development, training and education, cohesive messaging, market intelligence, economic impact studies, changes in the regulatory environment, meeting facilitation, social media platforms, an industry magazine, and special events. Additionally, in 2017 and 2018, AFA has been working with key stakeholders (including, but limited to the Governor's office, the Department of Commerce, Labor, Higher education and economic development groups), to co-lead the state's efforts to win Boeing's new mid-market aircraft (NMA) should they decide to proceed with development. State Legislative and Congressional elected officials are also key stakeholders.

AFA works to build cohesion among all stakeholders for a unified voice and to improve conditions for the industry. The organization seeks to propel OEMs, suppliers, and all aerospace and related business sectors and subsectors to continued growth and success through practices currently employed as well as innovative approaches.

AFA Board Members

  • Leo Baldaccini, President/CEO, Umbra Cuscinetti

  • Todd Banks, President/GM, Kenmore Air

  • Dr. David Beyer, President, Everett Community College

  • Rosemary Brester, President, Hobart Machined Products

  • Mike Brown, President, Aero-Plastics

  • Dave Dickson, Director, Crane Aerospace

  • Pearse Edwards, Government Relations Director, Port of Seattle

  • Star Fischer, Partner, Moss Adams

  • Melinda Goforth, Vice President of Business Development, Economic Development Council of Seattle & King County

  • Scott Goodey, President/CEO, Greenpoint Technologies

  • Ben Hempstead, Mechanical & Engineering Lead, Electroimpact

  • Bruce Kendall, President/CEO, Economic Development Board Tacoma/Pierce County

  • Tim Kirk, Vice President Aerospace Sales, Toray Composites Materials America

  • Ashish Kumar, Founder & CEO, Zunum Aero

  • Debbie Lee, President/CEO, Tool Gauge

  • Walt Maas, Attorney and Shareholder & Chairman Business and Finance Department, Karr Tuttle Campbell

  • Brant Mayo, Executive Director, Grant County Economic Development

  • Bill McSherry, Vice President State & Local and Corporate Citizenship, Boeing

  • Carlo Mears, Vice President, GMN Aerospace

  • Dan Mock, Former CFO, Teague

  • John Monroe, Co-Founder & Vice President, TMD Technical Services

  • Tim Morgan, CEO & Co-Founder, TTF Aerospace

  • Rory Nay, President, Proto-Technologies

  • Brady Olason, Senior Director, Teague

  • Megan Ouellette, Managing Director Government Affairs, Alaska Airlines

  • Patrick Pierce, President & CEO, Economic Alliance Snohomish County

  • Alex Pietsch, Vice President, Washington State University

  • Yosuke Takigawa, Executive Vice President, Mitsubishi Aircraft America

  • John Theisen, President/CEO, Orion Industries

  • Jeff Tomson, Director, Machinists Inc.

  • Robin Toth, Vice President Business Development, Greater Spokane Inc.

  • Tony Waas, Chair Boeing-Egtvedt Prof Aerostructures, University of Washington

  • Todd Woodard, Director Marketing/Public Affairs, Spokane International Airport

  • Matt Yerbic, President/CEO, Aviation Technical Solutions

AFA Vision 

Washington is the recognized center of aerospace innovation and excellence around the world, and the aerospace industry in Washington gets stronger every year.



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