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Globally, aerospace has both direct and indirect impacts on the macroeconomics of countries near and far. Unsurprisingly, given the number and size of aerospace sector participants in Washington State (from OEM's, suppliers, and R&D, to aviation, and MROs), the influence of Washington's aerospace sector on the worldwide scale can be significant. Washington State aerospace companies are serious players in the global economy; and closer to home, our effect is even greater, driving growth and revenues of other sectors and industries as part of our macroeconomic and microeconomic influence in the state.


Washington is the recognized center of aerospace innovation and excellence around the world, and the aerospace industry in Washington gets stronger every year.



AFA is the only aerospace association in the State of Washington uniting and advocating on behalf of all aerospace employers.  We align priorities, advance the industry, and spur statewide economic growth.  We advocate for public policy that ensures a competitive business environment and an unparalleled workforce.  We encourage the expansion of existing Washington companies and recruitment of new employers. We accomplish this by working hand-in-hand with industry and local, state and federal governments to build upon our state's century of achievements in aerospace innovation and excellence.


Aerospace in Washington State is Growing!

AFA effectively and constructively represents the concerns and issues of aerospace sector members in Washington State. Washington is home to nearly 1400 aerospace companies, all of which contribute to the positive, forward momentum for our state. Growth in the aerospace sector continues to outpace many other sectors and industries, and makes aerospace one of the state's largest growth opportunities.


AFA seeks to represent the needs and concerns of every company in the industry, regardless of size. We are committed to pursuing the issues that are important to you both in the legislature and through the initiative process.

  • Competitive Business Climate – As competition for high-wage aerospace jobs increases both nationally and internationally, Washington must promote tax structures, environmental policy and reforms for our state’s workers compensation and unemployment insurance that encourage the growth and long-term stability for the industry.


  • Tax Incentives - Extend tax incentives for every aerospace company in the state to encourage job growth and build on our industry’s latest successes.


  • Human Health Based Water Quality Standards (Fish Consumption) – Promote water quality standards that protect public health, and encourage economic growth and regulatory certainty with wise discretionary policy choices.  Establishing water quality standards based solely on the fish consumption rates that are not representative of most Washington citizens will lead to unattainable water quality standards.  These standards will discourage aerospace companies from expanding jobs in the region.


  • Transportation - Stay committed to funding transportation infrastructure. Pursue both state and regional legislation and funding to accomplish this goal.


  • Training and Education – Establish curriculum and develop skills at our universities, community and technical colleges and our training facilities that are driven by the current needs in the aerospace industry.  Ensure access statewide to short-term, customizable training that is coordinated and not duplicative.  Ensure workers are trained in the latest technologies as aerospace begins utilizing advanced materials for manufacturing.


  • Workers Compensation - Workers Compensation costs should reflect efforts to reduce workplace injuries, assist injured workers in receiving fast and appropriate medical care, and include efforts to return the injured worker back to full and appropriate employment.


  • Unemployment Insurance – The Unemployment Insurance System in Washington is among the healthiest in the country, providing comprehensive benefits while maintaining a strong trust fund balance.  Washington should continue to reform the UI system to ensure that employers do not see a sharp spike in taxes, while also maintaining current benefit calculations to ensure that the trust fund balance is not negatively impacted.


  • Certifications and Requirements - Simplify the complex certification and requirements process while ensuring more affordable fees.


  • Healthcare - Find a solution for the high cost of health care in Washington, both through the state and federal government.


  • Company Specific Lobbying Services – AFA has the unique ability to lobby the State Legislature on behalf on individual companies to address issues that only they may be struggling with.  Recently, AFA passed legislation for member companies like Aviation Technical Services, Kenmore Air, and Greenpoint Technologies, resulting in increased business opportunities, profitability and job growth.


If there is an issue that affects you that we haven’t mentioned, please let us know. Send an email to

Senator John Braun makes remarks after receiving AFA Legislator of the Year award.

WATR Facility

WATR Center provides certificated aerospace training programs.

Speaker of the House, Frank Chopp, received AFA's highest honor, the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Wilcox Award

Rep. JT Wilcox (center) receives AFA Legislator of the Year award.

Mitsubishi Award2

Mr. Morimoto, President of Mitsubishi Aircraft America, receives AFA's Company of the Year Award, presented by Bill McSherry, VP Boeing.

Liias Award

Rep. Marko Liias (right) receives the AFA Legislator of the Year award from previous award winner, Rep. Larry Springer.

Buttons remind us of the importance of STEM education and other crucial training needed to fill the aerospace pipeline.

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