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Governor's Choose Washington Council for the NMA

AFA's NMA Supplier and Aerospace Task Force was created to support statewide efforts to win the design, production and final assembly of the Boeing NMA to the State of Washington, building upon our strengths as a state and an industry, and more than a century of our highly skilled and talented workforce, aerospace excellence, and innovation.


AFA has also been appointed to the executive council of the Governor's Choose Washington NMA Council, the statewide effort to win the Boeing NMA.


Provide industry depth and perspective, economic development insights, and marketing intelligence for competitive analysis to efforts underway at the state, county and local levels across Washington to win the design, production and final assembly of Boeing’s new mid-size airplane (NMA); to strengthen Washington’s supply aerospace supply chain.

AFA is bringing the industry together through our these meetings to strengthen the supply chain and develop the 'big ideas' from industry that could set Washington apart from our competitors.


Together with Washington state aerospace suppliers and businesses, we are seeking to focus and amplify our efforts and bring new insight and ideas to the forefront.

Washington has been leading the world in commercial aircraft production for the last century. With a highly skilled workforce and a deep history of supply chain knowledge, more than 90 percent of all commercial aircraft in the United States undergo finally assembly in the state.


Additionally, the state has made key investments in its workforce, including focusing on K-12 STEM education, an emphasis on traditional and new manufacturing training and higher education, and steps to ensure that capabilities for handling new technology being developed for the 777X composite wing, also needed for the NMA, take place in the state.

Washington leads the world in commercial aircraft production with a highly educated and skilled workforce, a deep history of supply chain knowledge, and as the epicenter of more than 90 percent of all commercial aircraft in the United States for finally assembly.

AFA has been working to protect and grow the aerospace industry in Washington since our inception in 2006. The AFA NMA Task Force continues our work of strengthening, growing and attracting aerospace and related business, and work to ensure the state is positioned as best-in-nation for all future Boeing commercial aircraft and derivatives.

AFA is leading the way to win the NMA in Washington.

Washington | Positioned for Success


  • Serve medium range routes b/w 3000 - 5200 nautical mi-10 flt hrs)

  • Seat b/w 220 and 270 passengers

  • Expected to be a wide body jet, built with narrow body benefits

  • Anticipated to feature first-of-its-kind composite fuselage as well as composite wings


  • ~1400 aerospace businesses

  • Highly skilled workforce (136,000)

  • Regional depth: King, Pierce, Snohomish, Spokane Counties

  • Growing in other counties (34/39)

  • Burgeoning space and UAS sectors

  • Continued focus on innovation and industry synergies

  • Education/training priorities


  • World leader in commercial aircraft production

  • Highly educated and skilled workforce

  • Deep history of supply chain knowledge

  • High wages

  • Strong technological base

  • Economic multiplier

  • Culture of innovation

  • Final assembly for more than 90% of all commercial aircraft in US

  • Ongoing workforce investments and industry-led training

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