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Orion Industries Building

WORKFORCE | Development

We are working to build a robust pipeline of aerospace workers, from inspiring our youngest children to pursue educational pathways that enable aerospace careers, to producing skilled laborers to work on the factory floors, to educating high quality engineers, designers, and researchers.


- Worked to develop a curriculum and facilities to support a carbon fiber wing training program for the 777X at the Washington Aerospace Training and Research Center.

- Supporting the design and establishment of the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing and Aerospace at Washington State University in Everett.

- Ensuring that additional investments in community and technology college aerospace training programs are directed to programs most in need by the industry.

- Working in tandem with industry to identify the skills needed for the future of aerospace.

- Participating in workforce development initiatives such as STEM, CORE Plus, the Washington Aerospace Pipeline Committee, WATR Center, AMTEC.

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